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How To Inspect A Garage Door

A garage door has become a necessity as everyone nowadays owns a car. Garage doors give your home a completely different look. It also increases the value of your house as well as ensures the safety of the house on many different levels, so it becomes our duty to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the garage door. But how to inspect a garage door? There are many ways in which you can inspect a garage door. It is not at all a time-consuming process and only takes about 15-20 minutes to inspect a garage door. Here are the steps in which you can inspect your garage door easily.

1. Overall view of your door: The first thing to do is check for the overall working and condition of your garage door. Look out for dents, rusting signs, if the door is bent from any side, are there sensors and if so then are they in a working condition or not. Give a good look to both sides of your door and the bottom. Check if there is light peeping through the bottom or not. If there are any holes in the door from where dirt might enter in your home.

2. The functionality of the garage door: The next thing to do is check whether the garage door is in proper working condition or not. Monitor it while opening and closing, if there are any irritating noise then it might need repairing or replacement. Noisy garage doors are very irritating not only for you but also for the people around you. Apart from noise, one should also check whether the closing and opening process of your garage door is in time or not.

3. Checking the safety of the garage door: Next you need to look for safety. See if the sensors are working properly which can be done by putting your foot in front while the door closes, this will let you know if there are any wiring or alignment issues. Then check the auto-reversal. It can be done by applying pressure firmly when the door is closing. Last is to check the garage door springs whether they might need lubrication or replacement since they can get rusted or might be broken from some points.

Inspecting your garage door is not at all a hasty process but it is a very crucial step in the maintenance of your house. By delaying the inspection of your old garage door repair, you could experience costly and inconvenient requirements of repairs in the future. A garage door inspection is necessary because it also concerns the safety of your family and your belongings. The above-mentioned steps do not require any professional help; rather they can be done by yourself in a limited amount of time without any requirement of special tools. You also do not require any professional guidance for the inspection process, just a little bit of knowledge on how to inspect and you are all set.

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