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Garage Door Drum Replacement Service

Defective overhead doors are frustrating. Many times, a garage door drum replacement is required. Drum maintenance can put your busy day on hold as it is a significant component of the garage door’s functionality. As the main garage door wheel comprises the cable and other tension factors, it is best to leave this maintenance to an expert. Our technical expertise in this field guarantees that we will replace your garage door drum promptly. Our commitment to our customers sets us apart from the competition.

Overhead Door Drum Adjustment

Some of the malfunctioning parts we examine will not require a garage door drum replacement. Many of these circumstances require simple modifications to the garage door drum wheel. Calibrating rollers, located at the far end of the torsion spring shafts, is an essential step in sustaining your overhead door. These elements assist the garage door cables and are accountable for the heavy lifting of your garage door drum. You will find the drums positioned above each of your garage door tracks on each side of the garage door opening.

Types of Replacement Garage Door Drums

There are two kinds of replacement garage door drums: Torque Force 400-96 cable drums and Torque Force 400-144 cable drums. It is necessary to replace the drum with the right type. Most residential doors own Torque Force 400-96 cable drums. They measure about 265 pounds and take cables up to 1/8-inch thick. Heavier garage doors usually take Torque Force 400-144 cable drums. These measure 375 pounds and shoulder heavier cables. These garage door drums can manage considerably more load and support doors up to 12 feet high. If you have a high overhead garage with a heavy gate, you probably have this cable drum.

Garage Door Drum Troubleshooting

If your garage doors become loud or start to shake when in action, then you may need a garage door drum replacement. Ill-managed Drums and Drum Wheels will gather dirt and dust over time. This shortage of maintenance induces corrosion of components that will need to be substituted to prevent future damage to others.

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We strongly suggest, for safety reasons, that you never try to replace garage door drum on your own. Instead, be positive to reach Troy MI Garage Door Troy, MI quickly as you see any problems with your garage door drum. Our specialist, certified technicians are equipped to efficiently handle this specific repair task. We take pride in our highly responsive customer service and strive to do better in that direction. As for repairs, we value your time and finish the job at your convenience. Since quality is the priority for you and us, we use only the top-shelf products and come with fully-stocked trucks to take care of your every need. Contact us 24*7, and we will be happy to help you. All Troy MI Garage Door staff members are trained garage technicians that arrive fully equipped, ready to manage all of your garage door needs!

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