General Garage Door Maintenance Services
In Troy, MI

Due to warping caused by water and other causes, your garage door may develop gaps over time. If you don’t maintain these places sealed, you risk inviting mice, vermin, and perhaps intruders to enter via the gaps beneath your garage door.

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Top Rated Garage Door Maintenance

Only a trained technician should do maintenance. Make no modifications to the torsion spring that is placed above the door. Only a technician should modify any bolt that is painted red. For maintenance information, refer to your manufacturer’s instructions. A list of recommended monthly testing can usually be found in most manuals. That is, it is highly recommended to hire only licensed professionals for garage door maintenance.

If your garage door is damaged due to a lack of maintenance, your next trip to the grocery store during the winter could be a hardship. Annual garage door maintenance helps you save money throughout the year by ensuring that your garage door is in good operating order all year. Preventative maintenance, such as lubricating moving parts, can help prevent garage door issues in the future. Your garage door’s sensors are one of the most vital components, and if they aren’t working properly, your door will most likely not open. It’s possible that your garage door’s sensors need to be cleaned or realigned if it’s opening and closing irregularly. We also recommend cleaning the area around the sensors of any clutter. The sensors will prevent the door from shutting if something is in the way.

There are numerous cables and springs in your garage door. These components may eventually fail if any of them get damaged or rusted owing to a lack of yearly maintenance. Garage door maintenance problems, if left untreated, may often cascade and damage other components, so taking action now can save you a lot of time and money on future repairs.

There are numerous advantages a garage may give for your house, particularly if you install a smart garage door opener. If your garage door isn’t working properly and needs to be serviced, we’ve got you covered! Troy MI Garage Door provides same-day garage door repairs in Houston, with plans to extend to other parts of the country soon. For all clients, this service includes a free 25-point garage door inspection if you choose to proceed with a repair.

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Spring, rollers, openers, and keyless locks are just a few of the garage door components that our expert technicians can fix. Come to Troy MI Garage Door for all of your garage door maintenance and repair needs throughout the year to keep your house safe and secure. We will give you a free estimate for all the services. Give us a call today to know more.

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