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An off-track garage door is not only hideous but can also be dangerous and precarious. You should never try to operate the garage door manually or by the automatic garage door opener, as it may cause harm to the door or possibly be life-threatening.

At Troy MI Garage Door we want your garage door to last a lifetime. That’s why we provide garage door repairing and maintenance help in addition to helping you to pick a quality door. To hold your garage door from moving off the rails, we’re here to assist you with garage door track repair and installation.

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How The Tracks Work

A garage door system depends on all the elements to be in good working order. Garage door tracks help guide moving parts like the rollers to guarantee that the door opens and closes softly. They are present on both sides of the door to guide the components that pair them together. Consequently, they also keep the garage door in place when it is completely open or close.

Tracks can be vertical, horizontal, or curved to control the door into a closed or open state. They are principal to the proper working of your garage door and need frequent checking.

Reasons For Off-Track Doors

One of the most prevalent causes of off-track doors is when one or both garage door cables snap. These cables offer support to counterbalance the load of the door and guide it traveling up and down the tracks. Usually, garage door cables break only after many years of rigorous operation and ordinary wear and tear.

Apart from the above cause, two more reasons generally connect with garage doors becoming off track. Sometimes your garage door may become detached from its tracks due to an obstruction or from something bumping it hard.

Troy MI Garage Door to the Rescue

Your safety is our priority, so we advise that you never try to repair off-track garage doors on your own. Troy MI Garage Door Arizona is just a call away as soon as you encounter any issue with your garage door or garage door tracks. Our team of certified technicians ensure that your problem is solved efficiently through the following four-step process:

  1. Scrutinize the tracks for any physical signs of damage (i.e., bent, broken, etc.) and guarantee that they are well aligned and tightly bound to the garage walls.
  2. Adjust track and roller alignment, as required.
  3. Clean the tracks of any debris or buildup and grease with commercial-grade oil.
  4. Examine the garage door in its entirety for any unattached or missing parts and hardware.

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