Garage Door Repair Services In Troy, MI

Garage door problems can arise from a variety of sources, including broken cables and torsion springs, as well as remote and opener malfunctions and general wear and tear.

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Professional Garage Door Repair

We are a phone call away from fixing your garage door, no matter what the problem is. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to repair any garage door, whether commercial or residential. Troy MI Garage Door provides a high-quality, low-cost garage door repair service, with repair estimates, in-person inspections, and emergency repairs available 24 hours a day. We fix garage door parts as well as full garage doors. We also conduct a thorough safety inspection.

Rollers And Tracks Repair

Rollers and tracks ensure smooth opening and closing of the garage door. If the rollers and the track are not in the best condition they will need repair. We can clean, or replace rusted rollers and tracks. We can change the ball bearings, oil the rollers, see if they are strongly attached and not wobbling around.

Garage Door Spring Repair

By counterbalancing the weight of the door, garage door springs make it easier to open and close your garage door. Torsion and extension springs are the two types of garage door springs. A conventional torsion spring is typically utilised when mounting residential garage doors.

Natural wear and use, inadequate maintenance, high temperature swings, and other factors might cause your garage door spring to break. We are always prepared, with the appropriate tools and components, to fix your damaged garage door spring, as it is one of the more typical repair requests.

Garage Door Cable, Roller, And Hinge Repair Or Replacement

If you are looking for reliable repair of the cables, rollers and hinge for smooth functioning for your garage door, we are all up for it.

Sensor Alignment And Replacement

A bad connection, poorly connected wires, or a short in the wire from a staple are the most common causes of safety sensor wiring problems. We can repair the sensor and make it work again. If the sensors are damaged beyond repair, we can replace them as well.

Garage Door Track Repair And Alignment

When the garage door tracks are bent, displaced from their position or morphed in any way, they wouldn;’t function. We can align them and also replace them if they are not salvageable.

Garage Drum Replacement

If the garage drum is not working we can replace it as well.

Garage Door Opener Repair Replacement

Garage Door opener may stop functioning when they are damaged. We can completely replace the garage door openers. Or we could examine the opener, see what is wrong and repair it.

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If any of the parts of your garage door is not working, give us a call. Troy MI Garage Door is always ready to help you with any garage door issues you might have. We use quality products so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your garage door repair.

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